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KANSHO MARU                                                                                                                     UNDERWATER IMAGES

The Kansho Maru was built in 1938 by the Mitsui Dockyard Company as a passenger/cargo carrier for the Mitsui and  Kawasaki Lines.

The Japanese Navy took control of her when the war began and she was put to work shuttling supplies between Japan and the Marshall Islands. Eventually she was retrofitted with a deck gun and augmented with a Naval gun crew and medical staff for transporting wounded.

Just prior to the "Hailstone" attack, Kansho Maru was in Kwajalein Atoll delivering supplies, when she was bombed by carrier aircraft and took a hit to her engine room. Unable to get underway, Kansho was towed to Truk by the Momokawa Maru and arrived around January 5, 1944. Both ships were located in the Repair anchorage when the "Hailstone" attack began and being unable to help defend themselves were sunk. The Kansho Maru was sunk by at least one bomb and an aerial torpedo. She now lies in 130 fsw.

Kansho Maru: Displacement: 4,861 tons; Length: 380 feet; Beam: 52.5 feet; Engine: 1 B & W diesel; Max Speed: 16.8 kts. Launched: 30 JUN 1938.



                                                                      Courtesy-Capt. Lance Higgs S.S. Thorfinn       

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