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(underwater images courtesy of SeaWolf Productions)

The USS Sturtevant DD-240 was 314 foot Clemson Class destroyer built in 1919. Decommissioned in 1931, she was brought back into service as a convoy escort at the start of World War II. While on patrol north of Key West, FL she had the misfortune of blundering into a recently laid minefield and was sunk in 60 fsw. The wreck is now broken into several sections and is home to much marine life.

(l) Bows of USS Sturtevant; (r) The current owner.

(l) Gun tub and splash combing; (r) Interior side of hull.

(l) Split shell plate.; (r) A group of the many jewfish.

(l) Inside the amidships superstructure; (r) Remains of the turbine reduction gears.