(underwater images courtesy of SeaWolf Productions)

The Northern Light was a 300 foot Great Lakes freighter built in 1888. In 1927 the vessel was damaged by arson in an attempt to collect an insurance claim. The vessel was cut in half to move her past a set of locks and then converted into a barge. In 1930 this modification led to her demise when she broke in two, during a storm and sank off Key Largo, FL. She now rests in 190 fsw with her stern inverted.

(l) the inverted stern looking aft from the bow; (r) Mike on the bow


(l) rudder; (r) bollards on the bow.

(l) amidships under the stern; (r) Mrs. SeaWolf hanging out on the bow - note the fallen capstan

(l) inverted stern of Northern Light; (r) stern fouled by old anchor lines