(a.k.a., Ciudad De Cali, Rio Amazonas, Mazon)

(Underwater images courtesy of SeaWolf Productions)

The Lowrance was a 420 foot freighter originally named the Ciudad de Maracaibo. The Lowrance was sunk as an artificial reef in 210 fsw off Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1984. Although most of her superstructure was removed prior to sinking, the wreck still extends upward to 150 fsw.

(l) aft superstructure; (r) head with a view...

(l) interior view of the superstructure; (r) Jeff sporting a powder blue jumpsuit - just stunning!

(l) rudder of the Lowrance; (r) stern promenade deck

(l) view of cargo hold #2; (r) another view high over the cargo hold looking towards the bow.