(underwater images courtesy of SeaWolf Productions)

The City of Washington was a 301 foot vessel built in 1877. In July 1917 the ship was under tow by the Luchenbach and Seneca when all three vessels ran aground on Elbow Reef in the Florida Keys. The tow vessels were refloated, but the City of Washington broke up on the reef and now lies scattered in the shallow waters of the reef. The City of Washington found her place in history while moored in Havana harbor with the USS Maine in 1898. When the Maine was destroyed by a mysterious explosion the crew of the now damaged City of Washington rendered aid to the survivors of the Maine’s crew.

(l) Sand filled remains of hull shell plate; (r) Bow shell plate.

(l) Remains of mooring bullard ; (r) Engine and screw shaft mounting.

(l) Focs'le ladder; (r) Deck house railings.

(l) Hull ribs; (r) Riveted keel shell plate.