(underwater images courtesy of SeaWolf Productions)

The Baja California was a 266 foot Honduran freighter operated by Mayan Steamship Company as a banana carrier. Built in 1914 the ship was still in service at the start of World War II. While on a run from New Orleans, LA to Key West, FL she had the misfortune of crossing paths with the German submarine U-84, who sent her to the bottom southwest of Ft. Myers, FL.  The wreck is  now spread across the sea bottom in 115 fsw, but still has her ship’s gun and some structure. A haven for marine life, the wreck is often populated by large schools of Goliath grouper.

(l) Anti-ship gun; (r) Barrel of the ship's main self-defense gun.

(l) Collapsed frames give little relief on the wreck; (r) Joe explores one of the holds .

(l) Remains of a cabin bathtub; (r) School of Goliath Grouper (Jewfish).

(c) Barney asks a "Local" for info on new wrecks in the area.

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