Special thanks to:

Mr. James P. Delgado, who participated in documenting Bikini Atoll's wrecks with the National Park Service.  His contribution to the Bikini Atoll Submerged Cultural Resources Survey and authoritative book on the Lagoon's wrecks has made Bikini Atoll a technical diver's paradise.

Mr. Fabio Amaral, whose expertise as a dive guide allowed me to visit areas in these wrecks few divers are privileged to see.


Delgado, James P. 1996. Ghost Fleet: The Sunken Ships of Bikini Atoll. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

Delgado, J.P., Lenihan, D.J., and Murphy, L.M., 1991, The Archeology of the Atomic Bomb: A Submerged Cultural Resources Assessment of the Sunken Fleet of Operation Crossroads at Bikini and Kwajalein Atoll Lagoons. Santa Fe, New Mexico