APA-69 USS CARLISLE                                                                                                                UNDERWATER IMAGES

The USS Carlisle was a GILLIAM Class Troop Transport launched 30 July 1944. Carlisle made three voyages to the west coast from Hawaii and Japan, and shorter passages among South Pacific islands, transporting cargo and redeploying servicemen. Carlisle was assigned to Operation Crossroads as a target vessel in July 1946.

USS Carlisle was one of the closest ships to the Able blast and was driven sideways 150 feet as her masts and superstructure were nearly ripped from her deck. Set afire and her hull smashed, she sank in thirty minutes. She now rests upright in 170 fsw.

CLASS-GILLIAM ATTACK TRANSPORT Displacement:7,080 tons.(fl); Length 426'; Beam 58'; Draft 16'; Speed 16.9 kts; Troop Capacity 47 Officers, 802 Enlisted; Cargo Capacity 85,000 cu. ft., 600 tons. Armament 1 single 5"/38 dual purpose gun mount, 4 twin 40mm gun mounts, 10 single 20mm gun mounts; Propulsion Westinghouse turbo-electric drive, 2 boilers, 2 propellers, Design shaft horsepower 6,000. Complement 27 Officers 295 Enlisted.

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