The USS Arkansas was a WYOMING Class battleship launched 14 January 1911, at Camden, New Jersey. Her first operations were supporting landings by US troops at the Mexican port of Vera Cruz in 1914. Landing on 22 April, the crew of the Arkansas's took part in the slow, methodical street fighting that eventually secured the city. During WWI she operated along the US east coast and with the British Grand Fleet.

During WWII, she operated in the Atlantic theater as a convoy escort, until she was tasked with shore bombardment from June to September 1944. After the invasion of Normandy, Arkansas was sent to the Pacific theater to provide naval gunfire support for the invasions of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. After the war she made several "Magic Carpet" runs to ferry troops home. Arkansas received four battle stars for her World War II service

During the "Able" test, Arkansas was heavily damaged by the shockwave and possessed the highest radiation levels. However, it was the "Baker" blast that sent her to the bottom. The force of the blast further damaged her hull and capsized her. As she lay stricken tons of water and silt displaced by the blast, pounded her into the bottom of the lagoon. She went to the bottom one second after the detonation. She now lies inverted in 175 fsw.

CLASS-WYOMING Displacement: 26,066 tons standard; 30,610 tons full load; Dimensions: 562 x 106 x 30 feet; Propulsion: Steam turbines, 4 boilers, 4 shafts, 28,000 shp, 21 knots. Armor: 9-11 inch belt, 4.5-11 inch barbettes, 3.5 inch deck, 3-12 inch turrets, 6-11.5 inch CT. Armament: 6 dual 12"/50 cal, 16 5"/51 cal, 8 3"/50 cal AA; Aviation: 1 catapult; 2 float planes. Crew: 1242.

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