USS APOGON (SS-308)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     UNDERWATER IMAGES

The USS Apogon was a BALAO Class attack submarine launched in March 1943. During WWII Apogon sunk several Japanese naval and merchant ships. Apogon's patrols extended from Truk to the Kuril Islands. Unfortunately, during her second patrol in the Formosa Straits, she was rammed by one of her quarry and forced to prematurely end the patrol. APOGON received six battle stars for her World War II service.

During Operation Crossroads, Apogon was one of three submarine target ships. The subs were moored with an ingenuous system that allowed them to be submerged and re-floated while unmanned. During the Baker test she was anchored 850 yards from the bomb at a depth of 100 fsw. The pressure wave of the blast, ruptured her pressure hull and flooded all but one of her compartments. She now lies in 180 fsw.

CLASS-BALAO Displacement: 1870 tons (surfaced), 2391 tons (submerged); Length 311.7'; Beam 27'; Speed: 20.25k (surfaced), 8.75k (submerged); Operating depth: 400'.  Armament: 1-5"/25 6-21 21" tt. fwd, 4-21" tt. aft. Crew: 6 officers - 60 enlisted men.

An Apogon Sailor's Story 

Learn about the USS Apogon's wartime service from a member of her crew. 


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