USS Saratoga CV-3 

 Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands  

"Special Edition"



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The USS Saratoga was a Lexington Class battle cruiser that was converted to an aircraft carrier.  She was sunk as part of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests in 1946.  Nearly 890 feet in length (bigger than Titanic), she is the largest diveable shipwreck in the world. Saratoga  now rests on her keel in 185 fsw.  

The USS Saratoga is not only an enormous vessel , but one filled with World War II era aircraft, unexploded bombs, torpedoes and all the items expected to be found in this aircraft carrier floating city.

A vast time capsule to explore, USS Saratoga took dozens of dives to film and has been divided into three volumes for this rare video documentary.

USS Saratoga Volume I

USS Saratoga Volume II

 USS Saratoga Volume III

Introduction                                  Bow                                                                Officer Staterooms                                    Avenger/Helldiver  Aircraft                           U.S. Marine Corps                                        Detachment Berthing                                                           Hangar Bay Weapons,                                  Torpedoes & Naval Aircraft                      

Flight Deck / Guns                Pilot House / Bridge         "Island" Spaces             Machine Shop                           Wardroom, Galley &        Admiral's Pantry                   Officer Staterooms    Blacksmith Shop                 Combat Information Center    Flight Deck / Guns                    Deck "Cat Walks"                     Stern & Screws                   "Island" Spaces                   Avenger Aircraft Wreck          Radio Room                            Ship's Galley & Repair Spaces  Disbursing & Admin Offices     MK 37 Gun Director       

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