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Fujisan Maru

Amagisan Maru

I-169 Shinohara Submarine

SS Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship


San Francisco Maru

Hoki Maru

IJN Fumizuki

New SeaWolf Theater Video Clip of the "Emily" Flying Boat

Seiko Maru

Momokawa Maru & Sutzuki Patrol Boat P-34

IJN Oite & Hokuyo Maru

Gosei Maru

New pics of the Kiyosumi Maru & Gosei Maru

Da Na Hino Maru

Nagano Maru

Shotan Maru

Hanakawa Maru

Truk Lagoon Aircraft Wrecks

 ( "Betty" Bomber / "Emily" Flying Boat / Zero Fighter )

Truk Lagoon Series Begins

Shinkoku Maru

Aikoku Maru

Fujikawa Maru

New Pics of the HMCS Yukon & Ruby E San Diego, CA

New Pics of the Fujikawa Maru

New Stock Footage Clips Available





The Bikini Atoll Story



USS Saratoga Part One

USS Saratoga Part Two 

USS Saratoga Part Three

HIJMS Nagato

Shark Pass

USS Apogon SS-308

USS Arkansas BB-33

USS Carlisle APA-69

USS Lamson DD-367

USS Anderson DD-411

USS Spiegel Grove LSD-32




Baja California


Cities Service Empire


Queen of Nassau


USS Wilkes Barre CL-103