Digital Video Editing

The advent of the home computer and video camcorder has now brought professional film making tools to everyone with basic computer skills. Digital technology now allows various sources of video and audio files to be randomly combined (non-linear editing) with the imagination of the producer.

Many manufacturers have flooded the market with computer hardware and software products that tout their ability to perform non-linear video editing. The reality of this, apparent to anyone that owns a computer, is that more often than not all this equipment fails to work together properly.

After years of trying to put together a reliable editing system I have come to three basic conclusions:

1. Most prospective computer editors have no idea what mandatory hardware/software combinations will work together.

2. Most computer technicians are clueless as to what your needs  really are or how to add the required hardware/software to your home computer and make it work.

3. Whether you pick a Windows or Mac platform, youíll find some limitation you donít like.

So whatís the answer?

The answer is to buy a turn key video editing system designed and built by people who edit video.

Unfortunately, when you price such systems youíll suffer "sticker shock" and discover that these expensive systems typically do not possess the adequate hard drive capacity required to make realistic length presentation.

Based on years of experience and practical testing SeaWolf Productions and Csmart Solutions have developed three reasonably priced non-linear video editing systems that overcome these problems.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional these systems have been tested by people who use them.


Editing System Specifications