Bikini Atoll 

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"Baker" submerged detonation July 25, 1946.  (US Naval Historical Center)

The Pacific island of  Bikini Atoll was the site of the 1946 United States nuclear weapon tests.  Experiments to learn the power of the atomic bomb resulted in several detonations of  these new weapons on various types of targets including naval warships.  

Utilizing  warships left over from World War II,  the power of the bomb was sent against a mighty fleet.  Many of the ships did not survive the tests and now rest at the bottom of  Bikini Atoll's lagoon.  The videos below contain rare, never before seen underwater footage of  some of these ships. 

"Operation Crossroads" the Bikini Atoll Story

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      USS Anderson

      Sample Clip   


      USS Apogon

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  USS Arkansas



       USS Carlisle



      USS Lamson 



      HIMJS Nagato

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      USS Saratoga



      Shark Pass



      The Bikini Atoll Story



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