DVD Video Releases

  Now you can watch SeaWolf Production videos on your DVD player. 

DVD compatibility is no longer the issue it once was.  DVD player manufacturers are now supporting a common standard that eliminates previous problems. We have received only one report of in compatibility in the last five years that occurred on a first generation machine.  In fact customers report playing our DVDs on other devices such as an Xbox.

Additionally most DVD players now automatically convert video signals for viewing to either NTSC or PAL formats. (Check individual machine specifications for this capability.)  Now players available for under $40.00 work just fine and we use one ourselves.

>NEW< "Up conversion" DVD machines enhance our DVD presentations to near HDTV quality and >NEW<    >NEW< definitely make the images more impressive on wide screen TVs.                                               >NEW<


SeaWolf Productions DVDs contain no Region Code restrictions.

If you cannot find your player try this link:   DVD Compatibility

DVD+RW and DVD+R Compatibility

DVD+RW and DVD+R discs are compatible with most standard DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. However, there are some DVD players and DVD-ROM drives in the market today, especially older units, that are not capable of reading DVD+RW or DVD+R discs.

DVD+RW and DVD+R disc compatibility means:

  • For DVD-ROM drives, compatible means DVD+RW / DVD+R discs are recognized by the drive and successfully read.
  • For DVD players, compatible means DVD+RW / DVD+R discs are recognized by the player and successfully play back
DVD players compatible with DVD+R discs
DVD-ROM drives compatible with DVD+R discs

Please ensure your DVD player is listed DVD+R prior to ordering.  Although most home DVD players will play DVD+RW DISKS, only players marked (*) are confirmed. Play Station II machines and other devices have been reported as able to play DVD disks.

International customers should verify that their machines will play Multi/PAL/NTSC formats. These players will make the proper conversion to your television set.  Our DVD have no regional restriction codes.

If you have a player not listed, but functions, please Contact US to have it added to the list.

DVD players compatible with DVD+R discs
This list is entirely based from user reports. We have tested only (*)  DVD Players.

Manufacturer Model Manufacturer Model
Apex AD-1500 Pioneer DV-05 Elite
Apex AD-500W* Pioneer DVL-414
Apex AD-600A Pioneer DV-343
Apex AD-1110W* ProScan PS 8610P
Classic DVD-102 Raite RDP-715
Denon DVD-3300 RCA RC5240P
Denon DVD-1000 RCA RC5215P
Denon DVD-3000 Samsung DVD-M301
Emerson EWD-7001 Samsung DVD-611
Emerson DVD-2000 Samsung DVD-N2000
G.E. GE1401P Sharp DV-750U
Go! Video DVS-3000 Sharp DV-740
Go! Video DVP-850 SMC DVD-330S
Hitachi DVP315U Sony NS-400D
Hitachi DV-B305D Sony DVP-NS700P
JVC XV-523GD Sony DVP9000ES
JVC XV-D723GD Sony DVP-S550D
Kenwood DV4050 Sony DVP-S300
Konka KD-1800U Sony DVD -S560D
Lasonic DVD-2100K Sony DVP-NS400D
Memorex MVD-2026 Sony DVP-NS500V
Memorex MVD-2027 Sony DRU-500
Microsoft(R) X-Box Sony PlayStation II*
Mintek DVD-2580 Sylvania DVL-100B
Mintek DVD-2110 Toshiba SD-2700U
Mitsubishi DD-4001 Toshiba SD-K600U
Mitsubishi DD-4020 Toshiba SD-9000U
Mitsubishi DD-3000 Toshiba SD-3109U
Onkyo DV-C601 Toshiba SD-2705U
Panasonic DVD-RV31* Toshiba SD-9200
Panasonic DVD-A310 Toshiba SD-1200U
Panasonic DVD-RV30 Toshiba SD-2300
Panasonic DVD-RP56 Toshiba SD-3750
Panasonic DVD-S77* Toshiba SD-4700
Philips DVD-621AT X-Wave B171-L9
Philips DVD-711/171 Yamaha DV-S5270
Philips DVD-611 Zenith DVD 2000
Philips DVD-711 Zenith DVD-2200
Pioneer DV-434 Zenith DVD-2201
Pioneer DV-525 Zenith DVD-2831
Pioneer DV-606D    
             AD-1200*-NOT COMPATIBLE

                                       Latest Compatible Player Updates

                      This list is entirely based from user reports. We have tested only (*)  DVD Players.


DVD-ROM drives compatible with DVD+R discs

Manufacturer Model Manufacturer Model
Acer DVP 1648A Pioneer DVD-114
Actima AD05P Pioneer DVD-114MC
Afreey DD-4010E Pioneer DVD-115
AOpen DVRW2412Pro* Pioneer DVD-115LJ
Creative DVD2240E Pioneer DVD-116
Dell DVD GCC-4240N* Pioneer DVD-116LJ
EPO DVD-8216 Pioneer DVD-304S
Hitachi GD-2000 Pioneer DVD-305S
Hitachi GD-2500 Raite Optoelectronics RDR-108H
Hitachi GD-3000 Ricoh 9900j
Hitachi GD-5000 Samsung SM-308B
Hitachi GD-7500 Samsung SD-608
Hitachi GD-8000 Samsung SD-612
LG DRD-8080B Samsung SD-616F
LG DRD-8120B Sony DDU220E
Lite-On LTD-122 Toshiba SD-M1002
Lite-On LTD-163 Toshiba SD-M1202
NEC DV-5500A Toshiba SD-M1212
NEC DV-5700B Toshiba SD-M1402
Panasonic SR-8581-B Toshiba SD-M1502
Panasonic SR-8582B Toshiba SD-M1401
Panasonic SR-8585-BXX Toshiba SD-M1612
Panasonic SR-8585-B    
Philips DRD-5200/10    
Pioneer DVD-113CR    

           Product specifications are subject to change.